Friday, 24 July 2020

Ep 2 - Education in Nursing (with Daniel Harris and Lauren Ward)

Hello team!

Here is my first episode on this Podcast. I’m really excited about this, but also really nervous, since this will be my first time recording what I hope to be the start of something “new” and special.

I invited my friends and colleagues, Daniel Harris and Lauren Ward, to discuss the topic in hand: Education in Nursing. Both Lauren and Dan are practice development nurses, like myself, in critical care.

We decided to quick off our discussion with an article by Professor Michael Aldridge regarding creative methods to teach nurses and nursing students in a critical care context.

The main ideas discussed were:
  • It was very interesting to read creative approaches in teaching complex nursing topics
  • We discussed that some of the ideas proposed, we, as clinical educators, already utilise and find them really useful

After that, we started our discussion on the concept of “education in nursing”. So many other topics came through, very naturally, within our discussion. 

If you want to discover more about our opinion and views on the concept above have a listen to our podcast on TMIAN.

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