Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Ep 3 - Enquiry-based learning: a post-graduate clinical approach (with Dan Harris and Lauren Ward)

Again, I'm joined by Dan Harris, RN, and Lauren Ward, RN, this time to discuss our experience with Enquiry-based learning. Join us as we discuss our view on the pros and cons of using this resource in nursing education in clinical practice.

In this episode we use make reference to the following published works:
  • Inquiry-based Learning (2017) by lnam Haq
  • Does Enquiry Based Learning (EBL) impact on clinical practice? A qualitative exploration of midwifery graduates' perceptions (2018) by Kathleen Nallen, Dale Spence and Sam Porter
  • Students' views of enquiry-based learning in a continuing professional development module (2009) by Anne Kirwan and John Adams
  • Investing in practice: enquiry- and problem-based learning (1999) by Garth Long, Suzanne Grandis and Edward A Glasper
  • Diagnosing and treating Enquiry Based Learning fatigue in Graduate
  • Entry Nursing students (2018) by Gemma Stacey, Claire Wilson, Helen Reddy, Chris Palmer, James Henderson, Hannah Little and Heather Bull
If you would like to leave us some feedback or join us in our discussion drop me a comment below. Thank you so much for listening.

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